We’ve known each other for almost 12 years! Together we laid the foundation for successful projects, the purpose being to make any place a more welcoming one, closer to what we call comfort and environment optimal for carrying out any type of activity.

Beyond that, we like diversity. This is why, in our range of products you always find what you need in terms of heat insulated joinery: from the smallest screw, to specialized machinery and accessories.

No matter whether it is about the comfort of your home or your work environment, Feroplast has been and will always be a reliable partner in the distribution of raw materials for heat insulated joinery manufacturers.

And now we come with other good news: we are closer to you in the online environment as well.

And because we like to be aware of everything that is new, we are launching a website that will help us keep up with the progress in the field of communication. Thus, if you ever need information from us, please use the contact form. We are here to answer your uncertainties or to offer solutions that will result in successful projects.

Also, we recommend you to follow the news section, the place where we will tell more details about the stories we write together.

And if you somehow want to be part of the Feroplast team, we invite you to check the “Careers” section. There we will announce the jobs available within the Feroplast company.

In view of all this, we greet you warmly and wish you good luck with your work!